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Open Your Mind To
Transformative Life Coaching, The Tarot, & Energy Healing

Discover, Release, Heal, Transform

transformative coaching programs
the change is real, from
the inside out

Life should be about knowing you are on the right path and the freedom to shift what isn't working.


Wouldn't you love to finally learn how to get out of your own way?

And wake up energized to start your day?



Transformative Life Coaching is a program with a start date and an end date. A life-coaching program with no goal setting, marketing plans, excel spreadsheets, etc. Just a proven method of shifting your relationship with thought to transform you from the inside out.

Clients come to me when they want to feel better really quickly. Through my work, I’ve seen countless individuals change their relationship with thought to find the truest, most authentic version of themselves. And I get to see them move forward with the life they have always dreamed of.

Experience a spiritual awakening as you begin to see your life from a different perspective; a new angle. You may even have those amazing AHA moments where you experience new ideas and concepts, and the excitement that accompanies these moments. You can actually do what you want to do; whatever feels right to you, and not what others think you should or should not do. 

"Elise can help you release elements that are holding you back from your true potential."

                                                                 DC, NY

The Tarot  is revolutionary; Tarot for the 21st century. Everyone is on a journey, and the cards tell us what journey you are on right now. I offer you life coaching guidance based on the intuitive interpretation of the cards. It's quicker and more powerful than anything you've previously experienced. And it dispels any preconceived notions of the Tarot relating to fortune-telling, crystal balls, or black magic. No doom, gloom, disasters, death or destruction. Just the realization that you are on a life journey. You'll suddenly get really clear on where you've been, where you are, and where you are headed. 

"I was completely blown away by the Tarot cards that showed up for me-everything was exact. In less than one week I had the clarity to go forward."

                                                   Melinda Jeppsen, UT

And, if old blocks are discovered, we can clear them with Energy Healing so you can move forward with clarity and confidence. We'll release negative inherited patterns and replace them with high-vibrational, positive energy. 

It is in your divine right to take that first step toward living your life in your magnificence as you discover your true path; the true meaning of your life; what is right for you, and what you need to let go of.​


"I wanted to give energy healing a try because I had been avoiding a painful past for many years. I have had significant shifts in myself and in my ability to heal and forgive."

                                                                    Lorri K


Discovery Call

A one-time only, complimentary call. Spend 20 minutes with me to

see whether we're a good fit to work together. I only take on clients I think I can deliver and exceed expectations for. 



FRIDAY 10am-4pm

Pacific Time

Evening appts. are available as needed.

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