Elise Cohen has a natural ability for helping others who are struggling with her gift of energy healing; now combining this gift with Tarot reading she goes even deeper and faster with lasting results.

Elise is a treasure that I love having in my life!  


When seeking a reading from Elise,  I was looking to see what the guides were suggesting I focus on, so I could make sure I was on the path that best supported what I desired to manifest. Elise's reading was a direct reflection on the guidance I needed to make some crucial decisions. It was insightful and personal to my journey, empowering me to move forward with ease and clarity.


Elise’s exceptional Intuitive skill and great compassion made my reading just the best I’ve had.  The cards are so precise and the reading with Elise’s guidance really made me reflect on choices I am making going forward.  I have a greater

focus on what lies ahead.  


My Tarot reading with Elise was amazing and came at a time where I really needed some validation on my vision. The cards and her reading were so positive and powerful that they both helped me expand what I see for my future and had me feel so much more comfortable with it. I feel blessed to have had the experience along with Elise’s guidance and support.

~Courtney Parks~

Our pregnancy struggle was real, and I needed some answers. The cards showed that nothing was happening, and that it might be time to "seek professional advice; think outside the box." We made an appointment with a specialist, and found we had some minor, very correctable issues that were holding us back. Thanks to the clarity in the cards, and Elise's sensitivity and compassion, we are filled with optimism.


I totally enjoyed my reading, and you were spot on on many things. I'm so glad we met-I knew instantly you were someone I'd reach out to.

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What do you need to know right now? Is it time to see your life from a whole new perspective?


Readings are conducted via ZOOM at this time.