Energy Healing

Inspiring Taking Action in Your Life

The Energy Healing Session

The energy healing session is one hour. It is held remotely on the phone; audio only. The first few minutes are spent talking about what we'll be working on, and anything else that has come up for you that you'd like to add.

Next, I will get you relaxed and comfortable as I connect to your subconscious mind and physical body.

I will use muscle testing, pressing on my arm for a yes or no response, and find what trapped emotions need to be released from you. Once released, I'll replace them with high-vibrational positive energy.

You may interact with me throughout the session, as much or as little as you like.

Toward the end, we'll spend a minute or two talking about how you feel, and then I'll close the session for you. So simple, and yet, so powerful.

sweet color lotus in soft color and blur

One-time only, complimentary, 20-minute discovery call


2-Session Package


4-Session Package

Spiritual aura cleansing ritual bath for full moon ritual. Candles, aroma salt and lavende
My Philosophy

Most of us, at one time or another, have felt that we just cannot get out of bed in the morning. Facing the day just seems to be more than you can handle.

You've read many self-help/personal development books. You've been in therapy on and off for quite some time. You've possibly consulted a psychic, you've gone for acupuncture, and maybe a hypnotherapist as well. And, yet, you are still struggling. You still cannot move forward in some area of your life. This is when you need to stop, sit down alone and quiet, and ask yourself what seems to be missing. Why do you still feel incomplete?

Because you have trapped emotions. Everyone does. That's right, 100% of people have trapped emotions, and most don't know it. Until those emotions are released, you will continue to feel stuck; incomplete.

This would be the time to explore energy healing as the modality that will finally give you the clarity, confidence, strength and inner peace you never thought possible.

My Energy Healing Specializations

I work with individuals who are experiencing these patterns and can't seem to move forward with their life. They actually dread getting out of bed. They have not had a restful night's sleep in ages. Through energy healing, I'm able to release trapped emotions from their lifetime, or inherited ancestral blocks that stand in their way of living their life's purpose. The result: clarity, confidence, restful sleep, strength, and an inner peace they never thought possible.

  • Anger 

  • Self-doubt

  • Low Self-worth

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Trauma Energy

  • Anxiety and Overwhelm

  • Trust Issues

  • Inability to Speak Up

  • Energetic Cording

  • Limiting Beliefs

Chakra clearing/balancing is also included in a healing session as needed.

Discovery Call

A one-time only, complimentary call. Spend 20 minutes with me to

see whether we're a good fit to work together. I only take on clients I think I can deliver and exceed expectations for. 

Note: sessions are not confirmed until payment has been received. Please book sessions at least 48 hours in advance.

Referrals are greatly appreciated. Receive $25 off your next session or package when you refer a friend or family member.