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I have been working with Elise for almost a year now. I am a mental health professional and have had many years of traditional therapy, which was absolutely helpful in understanding the meaning of my own story. So I didn’t really know what to expect from energy healing, but I like and trust Elise - and I was ready for a new approach to help me address some really stubborn issues and behaviors. I must say I’ve found her methods to be different and sometimes deeper than therapy, while still completely complimentary to the work I’ve already done. I’ve made some real changes as a result of my sessions with Elise, and intend to continue.

Janie Michaels Grauman



Elise can help you to release elements that

are holding you back from your true potential.

This was such a personal experience for me, yet,

Elise put me at ease with her ethics and

professionalism. She unlocked things that no

one could have known were "locked".       



Lorri K

I wanted to give energy healing a try because I had been avoiding a painful past for many years. I was convinced that I might never deal with a narcissistic mother, even though she had passed over 12 years ago. My remote sessions with Elise were both uplifting and healing. I have had significant shifts in myself and in my ability to heal and forgive. I feel lighter, clearer and have gained a deeper understanding of myself. I now have a new window to look through and this has positively impacted every single day of my life’s journey moving forward! 


Challenging session. I can see how it was needed though, to break through these patterns. Intense, but exactly what was needed to work through these patterns. This is exactly why I wanted to work with you. I appreciate you so much.

Grace D., NC


Now that I have had several sessions with Elise I find that I feel lighter in spirit. Elise is remarkably skilled at helping one to release painful memories from the past. I am incredibly grateful for this life changing experience.



I was extremely nervous about my 1st session, having never done energy healing before. Elise calmed me and relaxed me, and assured me that I would be fully aware of everything throughout the session. She was so right, and by the end of the session, quite a few negative patterns had been released. I felt lighter, and more at peace, and finally understood why I did or did not do certain things. A truly amazing experience.

                         Melanie S.



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