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Tarot for the 21st Century.

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What do you need to know right now?

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A Little History...

I have been drawn to the Tarot most of my life, but was overwhelmed by the number of different Tarot decks, as well as the vast number of Tarot teachers. How could I possibly know who to follow; who to learn from? So, I put it aside and pursued my certifications in Energy Healing.

As I established my Energy Healing practice, the Tarot began to present itself again. I sensed very strongly that it had a place in my life, alongside energy healing. I always knew that the Tarot cards told individuals a story. I wanted to be able to tell my clients their story; what they needed to know right now; and to give them another way to move forward from the place they might be stuck in. Guiding them to a place of seeing their life from a different perspective made so much sense to me. I also knew that I did not want to be associated with terms like fortune telling, crystal balls, or black magic. This is, after all, the 21st century!


And when I opened myself up to the infinite possibilities of the Universe, I was "introduced" to the Tarot Academy, taught by the UK's foremost authority on Tarot, Richard Knight. I learned what I call Tarot for the 21st Century! No fortune telling, crystal balls, or black magic. Instead, life-changing guidance using the Tarot cards with my intuitive interpretation. This felt so right. Another way for me to use my heightened intuition to help clients heal; to move forward; and to see life from a different angle; a new perspective. 


About The Tarot 

The Tarot has evolved to a place in today's world as a very effective, and highly respected form of life coaching. The stereotypical terms fortune telling, crystal ball, black magic, etc. are not in any way associated with Tarot readings within the framework of the process I use. 

When a client comes to me for a reading, it is for a very specific reason. They want answers quickly to an issue, or issues in their life that cannot be answered elsewhere. It may be a question about a relationship, career change or job change, moving to a new home or new city, etc. And, the issue may go deeper; to a place internally where spiritual healing and guidance is needed.

As an intuit, someone with heightened intuition and a keen sense of knowing and feeling, I am able to guide my clients through the cards by showing them options that they have. These options are a way to move forward from what is holding them back in their life; what is keeping them stuck, and unable to make a decision. I do not predict outcomes. I simply ask questions, gain insight into the answers from the cards, and enable my clients to look at life in a different way; a way that provides them with transformation, spiritual awakening and a new perspective on life going forward.

Everyone is on a journey, and a one-hour, in-depth Tarot reading can bring so much clarity to this journey. Whether you want to spend an hour with me looking at your past, present, future, or you've arrived at a place where a deeper, 6-session Tarot coaching program resonates with you, you'll be blown away by the insight you gain into where you are headed.

My Philosophy

Getting ourselves re-focused in an area of our lives can be a bit daunting. It can feel uncomfortable, even frightening. Stepping out of our comfort zone takes courage, clarity and confidence. 

So often we have an overall sense of where we should be heading; what our life purpose is or what journey we are on. And, yet, we stay stuck; mostly out of fear, and the worry that we might make the "wrong" decision. We want help; validation; guidance. We might even be seeking a higher power to show us the options we have to enable us to take the path that works best going forward. All the while, we wear our emotions on our sleeve.

We are living in a crazy time. And what I am finding, is there is an overall impatience that people are feeling. They need answers, and they need them now. Not one or two years from now, but now! I hear clients say, "I need to know right now whether I am on the right track. Or do I need to completely shift what I am thinking?"

And this brings me to my philosophy. When you reach a place in your life where you are asking these kinds of questions, you are receiving a message from your subconscious mind, and the Universe or other guides, that you need guidance to look at your life from a different perspective. Believe it or not, you can see your life from a whole new angle.

I offer many options for the Tarot reading session, and you will find what resonates with you. Gain clarity, confidence, and most of all, answers to the questions of what you need to know right now. Find the inner peace you never thought possible as you discover the infinite possibilities you have available to you.


Your Time

is Right Now

What do you need to know right now? Is it time to see your life from a whole new perspective?


Readings are conducted via ZOOM at this time.